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Over 48 delicious ice cream options to grace your private parties and birthday celebrations in Sydney

Elevate your events with the best ice cream van in Sydney

Nothing screams enjoyment in a good party than a scrumptious dessert. If looking for a home ice cream van to add a dash of goodness to your party, then stop searching for an ice cream truck near me online and trust the team of Paradise Ice Cream.

We have the perfect cold servings for every occasion in Sydney – be it a sporting event, private party, school ceremony, bridal shower or a large family get-together, you can count on us to serve a variety of silky smooth ice creams, featuring all your favourite toppings and flavours, ready to be the life of your party.

Our ice cream truck hire has everything for everyone at your service, from nut-free, gluten-free and halal soft serves; ask for a home delivery ice cream van and we will be at your service to cater to all dessert lovers.

Why Paradise Ice Cream Should Be Your Go-To Ice Cream Truck for Parties in Sydney?

Approved Quality

We incorporate high-quality and locally sourced ingredients to make delicious ice creams.

Extensive Experience

Family-owned home ice cream truck serving delectable ice creams & slushies in Sydney and nearby regions.

Health & Hygiene

Local councils fully approve of us - we are proud to serve ice cream while following top-notch health and hygiene practices.

Welcoming Staff

Enjoy your ice cream scoop served by our courteous and smiling staff.

Transform Every Party into a Delightful Experience With Our Ice Cream Van Sydney

Indulge in Pure Joy with Our Ice Cream Van Service in Sydney!

Turn your upcoming event into a grand ice cream party where everyone is happy with their favourite ice cream flavour in hand. From classic ice cream flavours to indulgent & trendy ones, we serve everything decadent and satisfying that wows people.

Furthermore, our professional team is dedicated to ensuring your party experience is nothing short of extraordinary. We guarantee that each guest departs with a scrumptious ice cream delight in hand, leaving behind smiles of utmost satisfaction. Simply search for ice cream trucks near me and connect to Paradise Ice Cream to bring life to your party with fantastic cold servings.

Bring a Burst of Flavour, a Splash of Colour, and a Lot of Fun to Your Event with Our Ice Cream Truck in Sydney

Your party is around the corner, and you are tired of looking online for an ice cream truck near me? Our home delivery ice cream truck service will save the day through this simple process:

Scoop 1: Go to the contact page and fill in the online form with your event details.

Scoop 2: Select the ice cream truck hire packages depending on the number of guests you will have.

Scoop 3: That's a wrap! We'll arrive at your venue with scrumptious soft-serve ice cream tailored to your preferences.

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