About Us

Serving up ice cream treats for more than 50 years

Do you remember as a child hearing that familiar music jingle that signaled the ice cream truck was near? It was enough to spark squeals of delight.

We love that we get to recreate the same excitement every time we park one of our iconic ice cream vans at a local park, school, sporting club or backyard for a private party.

We know every single scoop of our deliciously smooth and flavoursome ice creams will hit the dessert spot – for adults and kids alike.

And remind you of those bygone summer days when ice cream made everything better.

Our family legacy

The Paradise Ice Cream story began with my grandfather who started the business with one van and lots of dreams.

His son (my father) jumped aboard as an eager teen in the 1990s and learned everything he knows about the trade from the best.

I am now the third generation selling soft serve ice cream. While our fleet has grown since then, and we’ve modernised too, I’m proud to continue such a long and rich legacy – where every day at work is a day in Paradise.

We can’t wait to serve you a scoopful of our delicious ice cream.

-  Ahmed Karezi, owner Paradise Ice Cream

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