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48+ ice cream varieties to satisfy your sweet tooth in Parramatta!

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Are you looking for a soft, creamy and cold delight to surprise your taste buds? Look no further than Paradise ice cream truck in Parramatta.

Stocked with all your favourite flavours and toppings, we can be the life of your private parties, corporate events, sporting club celebrations, and school fundraisers.

So treat yourself to our delicious ice cream today in Parramatta, Sydney — we offer gluten-free, nut-free, and halal soft serves.

Why Paradise Ice Cream Should Be Your Go-To Ice Cream Truck in Parramatta?

Finest Quality

Highest-quality ingredients to cool you down on a hot Parramatta day.

Experience Counts

3 generations of family ownership in the ice cream truck business, serving a quick sweet fix.

Health & Hygiene

Approved by local councils, our Parramatta ice cream trucks prioritise cleanliness at all times.

Friendly & Fun Staff

Trust our warm and friendly staff to greet you with a smile & treat you with a cream haven.

Make Every Ice Cream Bite a Delight With Ice Cream Van in Parramatta

Enjoy a Scoop of Pure Bliss With Our Ice Cream Van in Parramatta!

From classic flavours to indulgent ones to trendy ones — no matter what your taste buds are craving, Paradise Ice Cream in Parramatta, Sydney, can offer you a sweet and satisfying sweet hour.

Moreover, our friendly and sweet staff prioritises your satisfaction. We ensure you leave with a delicious ice cream treat in your hand and a gracious smile on your face.

Add Flavour, Colour, & Fun to Your Dessert Game With Our Ice Cream Truck in Parramatta

Do you want to book an ice cream van for your event in Parramatta? Worry not - it’s a simple and hassle-free process -

Scoop 1: Fill out the online form to provide us with the event details.

Scoop 2: Select the ice cream truck hire packages with an estimate of the number of guests.

Scoop 3: That’s it! We’ll reach your venue with delicious soft-serve ice cream as per your customised order.

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Let the Flavours of Paradise Fill You With Deliciousness in Parramatta, Sydney

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