Experience a Magical Journey of the Richest Frozen Scoops at our Ice Cream Van in Wetherill Park, Sydney

A mouth-watering scoop for every craving with 48+ irresistible ice cream flavours

Your Local Ice Cream Truck Hire with the Chillest Treats in the Sweetest Corner of Wetherill Park!

Does the name of your favourite velvety ice cream flavour bring a smile to your face and water your taste buds? If yes, our ice cream truck in Sydney will make your heart skip a beat with irresistible taste and fresh toppings. At Paradise Ice Cream, we bring pure joy to you and your family’s lives with creamy and dreamy frozen treats. Whether you’re a colourful fruity fan, a regal chocolate lover, or a classic vanilla person, we stock all kinds of ice cream flavours. And it’s not just the regular flavours; we have gluten-free, nut-free and halal soft serves. So no matter where you’re in Wetherill Park, give us a call and we’ll be right away with our fun scoops!

Be Frosty, Fun and Fiery With Our Ice Cream Van in Sydney

Gourmet Flavours

Expect us to house every divine flavour you can think of. From passion fruit punch to lavender lemon sorbet, we have a scoop for every palate.

A Cone for Every Occasion

Be it an anniversary party, school fundraiser, or office event, you can always find us just by browsing an ice cream truck for parties near me

No Compromises at Quality

Our every scoop is created with love, warmth, and high-quality ingredients. And come, check our kitchen anytime - we follow every hygiene standard.

Friendly and Smiling Staff

Every interaction with our ice cream vendors is full of smiles and hearty conversations.

Indulge in Your Frozen Cravings with Our Ice Cream Truck in Wetherill Park

Scoop, Lick and Repeat at Your Celebration by Hiring Our Ice Cream Truck

Before googling for an ice cream truck birthday party near me online, give Paradise Ice Cream a chance to make your events happier with perfect ice cream delicacies.

When you buy a nutty scoop from us, you support a local business that’s all about delivering the love of Wetherill Park. With our delicious flavours, celebrate the suburb’s spirit.

Get Scoop-tacular Variety with Our Ice Cream Truck Near You

Here’s how you can get our ice cream truck on hire in Wetherill Park or nearby NSW suburbs -

Scoop 1: Fill out our online form and provide your event details, along with your location.

Scoop 2: Select an affordable and delicious ice cream hire package.

Scoop 3: Discuss your budget, desired flavours, guest count and dietary requirements.

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Take a look at our gallery and see the smiles on people’s faces.

Our Ice Cream Van in Wetherill Park Makes Every Scoopy Celebration-Worthy!

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